Regaurding that alpha release... Well, there have been some COM issues that have delayed me. Specifically, the Type library indicates that the overloaded java methods are represented in the type library as accepting variants for input. However, when I attempt to call one of the methods from another language, only the last overloaded method's data type is accepted, even though the type library indicates a variant. Apparently there is a problem with using overloaded methods in COM with JAVA.
So I have two possible solutions. Use javareg, which works great and correctly with the polymorhism issue, but you don't get intellisense in the development environment and you must copy the class files to the trustlib and register them with javareg on the target machine. (Sounds like a distribution ass-pain to m although some creative scripting might help) or make a VB mirror port just for the ActiveX component, thus keeping two projects really.
I have to think about this, but any suggestions would be helpfull on the COM issue. Use the Sourceforge forum for this project if you have any insights... The alpha should be out soon, one way or another.
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I am publishing the Alpha 0.5 version tonight with API documentation published online and as part of the JAVA package.
I determined (so far) that there is no way to automatically generate a type library with parameter names included. Intellisense displays 'Parameter1 as String, Paramater 2 As String' etc... I have not been able to solve this yet. If anyone knows how (other than editing the type library after EVERY compile), please let me know.
The ActiveX COM DLL for windows is suitable for early or late binding and the API is documented here.
Also, the documentation on the API is included with every release.
I will be publishing the following releases:

  • JDSA JAVA source release with example executable and API Documentation.
  • JDSA Windows DLL binary with API Documentation and example VB project.
Remeber to register the DLL with regsvr32 or you won't be able to reference it in your VB or other projects!
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I have published the Pre-Alpha version of the interface and the Oracle 8i implementation. You can get them at It's definately functional for JAVA based select, update, insert and delete statements, even complex ones. But a few features still need to be implemented like Case-Select logic and some other more complex stuff.
The ActiveX DLL is working crappy for now. It will work, but you can't see the function names in intellisense in VB and you can't see any of the static Operators in the O8OPERATORS class. You can still just pass the right string to make it work, but this needs to be fixed. I have to edit the type library manually for the ActiveX DLL. I will be doing that this weekend.
Note that there is no way to do joins at this point. So this is really academic until I implement that code (unless you're not doing any joins.) I would reccomend that developers wait until the alpha is out before trying to use this seriously, unless you feel like implementing the join functionality yourself. :] And if you do send me the code for shit sake!
Here's an example JAVA class (with output).
Looking for feedback and bugs right now.
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The purpose of this project is to create an interface for a JAVA Dynamic SQL Generator that can be included in any java application or compiled to a MS COM DLL and called from any programming language under Windows that can reference a COM DLL. This project is cross-platform in the sense that under LINUX one can use JAVA and include the ADO-SQL-API package to gain this set of functionality.
Further, I intend to implement this interface for Oracle 8i and perhaps 9i, but I will probably leave implementations for MySQL, MS SQL Server and other databases to others. I intend to stricty enforce compliance with the most recent version of the interface.
Since this project is in the planning stages currently, (though I have written the first interface and partially implemented it for Oracle 8i at this time), this site will be spartan and devoted to talking about devlopment until I/we get a usable alpha out.
Shortly, I will be uploading the interface in it's alpha release form such that others can implement it for other databases.
The Sourceforge page for this project is located at
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